Financial Planning Services

Curran Unger LLP provides financial advisory services through a select group of strategic partnerships with esteemed financial planners and advisors.

We can help you structure financial plans to help you build wealth, send children to college, plan for retirement, and generally improve the quality of your life through strict budgets and managed accounts.

Examples of accounts we can assist you with in setting up, managing, and advising:
– 529 Plans
– Traditional and Roth IRA accounts
– 401(k) Plans
– Individual and Business Investment accounts

Please contact for more information regarding financial planning services.

Please note: We are not a registered investment advisor (RIA) and do not deal in any securities as defined by the SEC and other similar regulatory bodies – in our capacity as tax advisors, we will work with one of our trusted referral sources, who are RIAs, to ensure that your financial plan or investment strategy is as tax efficient and productive as possible!