Tax Topics for Traders – Presenting 2/9/2017 at 4:30 PM ET

We are pleased to announce that Ryan Curran of our Firm will be presenting a Webinar on Tax Topics for Traders on 2/9/2017 at 4:30PM ET. It will cover a range of tax issues directly related to professional traders. The public URL for the webinar is: It is hosted by futures io, a very respected source of information, advice,…read more →

1099 Developments for 2017 – New Rules

Please note that IRS moved the deadline to file 1099 Forms with the IRS for Qualifying Payee’s that received Nonemployee Compensation in excess of $600 from your company during the 2016 calendar year from March 31st to January 31st of 2017.  This includes freelancers, consultants, and other service providers. A Qualifying Payee is: A Sole Proprietor LLC Partnership -that provides…read more →

The Firm is in the News – First Time!

In a follow up to the recent high school speaking engagement I participated in, the editor at the Newark, NJ Patch news blog was able to run an article about the event. Please take a look below!

Presentation for High School Students

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be representing the Firm by speaking to a group of students in Essex County at Bloomfield Tech High School in Bloomfield, New Jersey, on November 15.  We will be discussing the benefits and expectations of choosing a career in accounting, with a focus on Public Accounting.  Information about scholarships provided by the New Jersey…read more →

The Real Estate Asset Class

All of us will at some point or another be involved in residential or commercial real estate.  Whether it’s signing your first apartment lease, buying a home, or investing in a mixed-use building, you will have some kind of exposure to real estate in one of its many forms.  Also, most of us will have involvement in a retirement account…read more →

LLC to S-Corp Conversion for Small Business Owners

I’m sure that many of you are aware of the Limited Liability Company (“LLC”) and S-Corporation (“S-Corp”) types of business entities available to US taxpayers, especially if you own a small business.  The most common business entity in today’s US tax landscape is the LLC.  I’m sure many of you may be engaged in a side activity, whether it be…read more →

Fiscal Cliff Analysis

As most of you have undoubtedly already seen, paychecks have shrunk in the New Year.  This is a combination of items, one of which is the direct result of the “Fiscal Cliff” chicanery that dominated Political news for the past several months. The social security payroll tax holiday of 2011-2012 expired, which resulted in a payroll tax increase of 2%,…read more →

New Website & First Blog Post

I would like to welcome everyone to my newly redesigned website. I’m quite proud to have launched this new site with a unique, fresh, and reinvigorating design, and it is certainly the product of my loyal and amazing clients. Accordingly, I thank you. This blog will be updated on a periodic basis with commentary on economic, tax, and financial news,…read more →